Our Story

    Queen KJ

Teas and Tinctures


 Teas & Tinctures began in Charlotte, NC by myself, Queen KJ. I have always had a  passion to help other and equally strong connection with nature. As a child, I would spend all day in the swap and woods behind our apartments. Enjoying nature, climbing trees' and catching Frogs, lizards and what other creature I saw.  This was my safe place. The more I grow and connect to myself, I still find that nature is consistently, my safe place that energizes me.

  The year 2020, was a time for me and most of the world to be still and sit with themselves. In this time, I was finally ready to birth Teas & Tinctures, as away to support others, through, not just products but also education.  I saw a need to help my community and love ones who wanted to heal and energize their selves.

Raised in a family where I was fortunate to be reared and influenced by my grands and great grands, has grounded me in my calling as an Herbal Artist. The more I continue to delve into the Artistry of Herbs, I find that this is an ancestral calling. It was revealed to me that my Maternal Fourth-Great Grandmother was a midwife, who used herbs to deliver babies at home. Also my Paternal 3rd-Great Grandfather was known for healing others through Herbal Medicine. 

Closer to me on this physical earth, is my Maternal Grandmother, who taught me the ways of canning, gardening and the importance of Catnip. Who is as equally as important as my Grandfather, who would garden anywhere, to include the top of a New York City Apartment Building. 

 My connection with my source, self and ancestors  allows me to connect to nature and create solutions to restore energy my community.