Natural Mammas Supplementing Breastfeeding: Plant based Baby Formula is an Option

Hey Yall!

Sooo I'm a breast feeding mamma of twins, at 5mnths I began to supplementing my milk. Store bought baby formula was not an option on the table for me. I took  the knowledge I have, I set out to make my own baby formula using hemp seeds and other natural ingredients. My decision to not only breast feed but to supplement my milk with homemade milk, not from animals or from the store; is to some, the ultimate act of sin!  

For a while, it has been difficult for me to understand why in my own community, breastfeeding is such a taboo and not really encouraged. I've received so many looks and responses that could have discouraged me but still  amazed me because lets not forget, Its a formula crisis! In my opinion and for obvious reasons, breastfeeding and even plant based alternatives should be accepted and encouraged.

 After doing a deep dive on the history of breastfeeding in the black community I now understand why it is not encouraged. Coming from a history of wet nurses, breastfeeding our Masters children and feeding our own children from what was left; Yes ! I can see how the breastfeeding journey would be frowned upon; inspite of all the healthy benefits.  If you have not read the book Skimmed, I encourage you to so do. This book sheds light on how breastfeeding was commercially phased out specifically in the black community and  replaced with baby formula. The book also shed light on the ingredients in the US baby formula as well as the companies who sell the formula.  

I stand behind my choice to supplement my breastfeeding with my own baby formula made from  Hemp seeds.  I recommend Hemp seeds because its packed with protein contains high amounts of vitamin E, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, magnesium, sulfur, calcium, iron and zinc (Healthline). Its also great for the digestive system which is always a plus for baby! I add a lil seamoss and bladderack for the immune boost, bone and brain strength. My babies are 11mnths now and both are healthy, whole and loving life! Sooo if you are wondering if there are options to supplement breastfeeding or traditional baby formula. The answer is Yes! I encourage everyone to do their own research and find the healthiest  option that works for your family. 

*Please Note: I am not a physician and my statements have not been approved by the FDA . Please consult with your physician or a professional before taking any action based on the information provided.

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